Getting Started

DMCN is a decentralized mobile computing network which links a large number of mobile computing nodes in the world.
Get start with the DMCN DAO. Launch your computing campaign and benefit from the world's most efficient mobile computing ecosystem.

How to contribute your mobile computing power?

The node of DMCN is a web3.0 app with features such as nft, metaverse, and gamefi. You can contribute your mobile computing power to make earnings.

Step 1: Sign-up for the App

Download the DMCN app from the website or appstore, create or import your decentralized wallet account to participate in the DMCN network. 

Step 2: Start your Node

Head over to the in-app Marketplace and pick out a planet. You can use the filter tool to choose a planet type of your preference. Load the planet, and then you can continuously obtain benefits.

At the same time, you can explore or purchase more elements to improve the computing power of your node. After completing the main task, there will also be a bonus in computing power. More gameplay, waiting for you to build your own planet.

How to call the computing power to develop DApps?

DMCN is a web3.0 global DAO with the world's most efficient mobile computing power. You can build your DApps based on the computing power of DMCN. Supporting CDN, edge AI, cloud rendering, data mining and other scenes of DApp.

  • Top web3.0 solutions for cloud computing
  • 100-1000 times more efficient than before
  • Maximize the value of the humanity's mobile
  • Describe your development requirements and send an email to [email protected]. Launch your campaign and benefit from it.