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DApp 1 : FindData Network
Decentralized AI Data Mining Robot

Providing subversive and fast data mining capability, and processing one million data set in a few seconds. Breaking down the barriers of data utilization and isolated data in the era of big data.

  • Configurable UI makes it easier to operate
  • Support debugging in script parsing engine
  • Decentralized nodes drive robot execution
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DApp x : DMCN Ecosystem
Welcome to Building Your DApps

DMCN is a web3.0 global DAO with the world's most efficient mobile computing power. Supporting CDN, edge AI, cloud rendering, data mining and other scenes of DApp.

  • Top web3.0 solutions for cloud computing
  • 100-1000 times more efficient than before
  • Maximize the value of the humanity's mobile
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Join our computing verse to make earnings.

The node of DMCN is a web3.0 open2earn Game-Fi app. You can use it to make earnings by sharing 1% of your mobile computing power.

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